Cheapest Credit Cards? Choose a cheap credit card with the lowest interest rate

As we write in the section on credit cards, interest rates are an important factor in choosing credit cards. Interest is what you pay to take advantage of the credit available on a credit card. Most often, however, you do not pay interest on used credit if you pay everything when you receive an invoice from the credit card issuer.

The interest on credit cards available in the Norwegian market, of course to vary, but most credit cards are at a level around 20%. It is quite high to get paid for the money they borrow in the short term.

For everyone, however, it is good to choose a low-interest credit card

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You get a credit card with credit of say up to 100,000, and take advantage of a larger part of it, then it is of course more important with low interest rates. Cheap credit cards are not commonplace to obtain on the internet today.

For example, using a credit limit on their credit cards of 10,000, – will do so, with 20%, five kroner and fifty cent per day! It may sound a bit, but it rolls quickly. Should we get a credit card, it is good to know that you will be able to repay the money when it is time for it.

If you then want a credit card to take full advantage of the built-in credit

If you then want a credit card to take full advantage of the built-in credit

We can only recommend low interest credit cards. In addition to the level of interest rates, the number of interest-free days vary. There are credit cards, which, in addition to low interest rates, give up to 56 interest free days.

This can be useful if you know that you will soon have more money than you have today, but still need to shop today. Buying things completely interest-free is even better than shopping with low-interest credit cards! Want the cheapest credit card? Click on the credit card we offer here on the site.

If the low rate you want on their credit card and have many interest free days, we recommend re: member, you can apply here. The credit card has several advantages, in addition to the above, which is why we highly recommend it. If you are not happy with it, it can easily cancel it at any time.

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