How do you get a bank loan for free professions?


Professional loans from a bank are often much better than standard cash loans. They are associated with lower fees, they are also distinguished by greater possibilities of adjusting the contract to the individual preferences of the customer. Flexibility and good conditions – this is what loans for professional services are characterized by. Therefore, it is worth verifying whether you belong to this group and compare the proposals of various banks on our website.

Bank loans for professional professions – who can apply for them?

Bank loans for professional professions - who can apply for them?

Representatives of liberal professions can apply for a bank loan specially prepared for them. What conditions must be met to receive it? What privileges can you count on? And who belongs to the group of freelancers?

Freelancers – who belongs to this group?

To the group of liberal professions include, but are not limited to: doctor, lawyer, architect, notary, psychologist, accountant, etc. These are people with high qualifications and professional competences, the so-called professionals. This is a group of customers particularly favored by banks – in addition, it is still being expanded to include new professions. Currently on the list of so-called professionals in some banks, there are also nurses, IT specialists and funeral home owners.

Credit for doctors and other professionals

Representatives of liberal professions can count on significant facilitation in obtaining a loan and much more attractive loan terms. Usually, all you need is your ID card, income statement, and proof of profession. In addition, the longer the client’s seniority, the more he presents himself as credible and solvent for the bank, so that credit for lawyers, doctors, IT specialists or other freelancers can be granted on even more attractive terms. And under what conditions can it be granted, including a loan for doctors? The basic parameters of such a loan include: high loan amounts, long loan period, simplified procedures mentioned earlier, quick payment or minimum formalities. In addition to the basic parameters of credit for lawyers, doctors, etc., it has more advantages, such as: low interest rate, no need for property security, or the ability to sign a contract in a place convenient for the client.

Favorable bank loan terms for liberal professions

Favorable bank loan terms for liberal professions

Freelancers are categorized by banks as a type of highly trusted customer and can take advantage of the special bank loan offer. Why? Professions that are part of free professions are above all socially needed, they are distinguished by high incomes and the fact that there is always a demand for people who choose these professions. Their list is quite long, they include: attorneys, doctors, architects, auditors, legal advisors, property appraisers, doctors (veterinary surgeons, dentists and others), midwives, tax advisors and many others. As you can see, these are narrow specializations, and the importance of people working in these industries is huge on the labor market. It is for this reason that freelancers have a low probability of losing income and, moreover, are distinguished by a high salary, are treated by banks on special conditions.

The possibility of taking a high loan

Large loans (over $ 100,000) require many stages of verification from banks. People from other industries need additional collateral, guarantees, or the need to take out a mortgage. In contrast, freelancers can count on high amounts without long-term verification, meeting many specific conditions, and providing additional guarantees and safeguards. Banks offer cash loans to such persons for larger amounts and it is often not necessary to have loans repaid previously from the same bank. Our company meets the expectations and needs of customers – we offer a bank loan up to $ 500,000. We are distinguished not only by the high amount of the loan, but also by other favorable conditions.

Low installments and individual adjustment of their number

These are another big advantage of deciding on loans for free professions offered by IPM Loans. Banks consider people from this professional group not only to be clients of high trust, but even strive for such people. With this professional group, there is an extremely high probability of timely repayment of installments, which is why banks can offer many individual conditions without worrying about paying off the debt. A freelance customer who chooses a loan will always be very valuable to the bank. Hence, such favorable loan agreements.

Installment amount

It is always dependent on several issues: loan amount, interest rate, additional fees. When it comes to free professions, it is always possible to negotiate individual amounts of installments. It is determined on the basis of the client’s needs, his earnings, as well as the specific type of work performed. However, the absolute advantage offered by banks is the low interest rate. For example, IPM Credits offers an interest rate from 6.99%, it is much lower than that proposed in standard cash loans. It is also smaller than loans for professional services offered by other companies. Freelancers can negotiate the amount of the installment in such a way that it is a safe amount to be paid and tailored to the individual financial capabilities of the person.

Debt repayment length

The period for which the bank grants the loan is often imposed in advance. Ready loan offers for everyone often have a maximum time limit in which debt should be repaid. When it comes to a bank loan for liberal professions, the repayment time can be much longer. The great flexibility of this type of offers allows you to set all parameters in such a way that you can adjust the debt repayment time. Do the 144 months repayment seem unreachable? Not with IPM Loans – with us you can get a loan for such a long period.

Amount of cash borrowed

This loan parameter also differs significantly from banking proposals addressed to other professional groups. The loan may amount to several hundred thousand zlotys. This amount will allow you to pay for planned investments, buy real estate, or make your dream come true. Often, loans for professional services are distinguished by the fact that their purpose can be any. The bank does not interfere in the customer’s choice and does not impose a specific loan purpose for the given amount.

A consolidation bank loan for free professions

A consolidation bank loan for free professions

Loan consolidation is a combination of all the debts of a given client in different banks and transferring them to one. As a result, instead of several loans, the customer has only one debt to repay, on preferential terms in one bank. This is an extremely beneficial option available to everyone. Many people use this option not only because of convenience, but also the ability to set a lower monthly installment so that the loan does not burden the budget so much. However, consolidation loans for freelancers are even more attractive. Often, apart from combining all the debts, you can apply for additional cash for current expenses related to any purpose (trip, current plans, buying a car and others). The interest rate is also much lower and can be negotiated. Combining loans into one is a great comfort. If you already have any debts and want to combine them, even if you plan to receive additional cash – contact us.

Quick bank decision

Waiting for a credit decision for many people is not only the need to provide many documents, but also a long time to wait for the decision. Especially when the loan amount is high. IPM Loans is a company that stands out by answering credit inquiries very quickly. That is why it is worth checking offers and getting a profitable offer even within a few minutes.


Loans for liberal professions are characterized by particularly attractive conditions. Customers can count on a number of facilities, such as minimum formalities, simplified procedures, high amounts and a long loan period. It is a kind of privileged group and includes representatives of such professions as doctors, architects, psychologists and recently IT specialists. This list may vary from bank to bank, but it is still being expanded, so make sure that your bank counts our profession on its list. Loans for liberal professions offer special possibilities – low interest rate, high debt amount, individually adjusted parameters.

These and many other conditions, which are not available to everyone, are offered by many banks, but only some companies offer truly unique credit rules. If you belong to this group, you are planning investments, you think about higher expenses, this is a loan for you. Instead of browsing the standard offers, check how much you can gain thanks to this type of loan. See the favorable conditions of a reliable and appreciated IPM Credit company. You no longer have to compare many offers and check what conditions specific banks offer. We have been helping people fulfill their dreams with loans on the most favorable terms for eighteen years. We have many years of cooperation with many banks and we are able to significantly influence credit conditions.

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