How do you save money with what we usually throw away?

Have you noticed that when you buy, for example, new shoes, a bag or a purse, there is such a small bag with transparent beads inside? It is a silica gel bag. Unfortunately, most of us underestimate this silica gel and its main property – silica gel ensures that things stay fresh while in storage and transported. Most of us most often open our purchase packaging and throw away everything that comes with it, including this silica gel bag.

Believe it or not, using this seemingly insignificant bag in different situations can help us save money. The silica gel bag contains silica, which dries out everything in its vicinity. Because of these properties, the use of silica gel goes far beyond keeping a shoe or purse fresh. Over the years, there are many ways to save money with these little bags that we usually just throw away.


Keep your sports bag fresh

Keep your sports bag fresh

To make your gym bag and clothes last longer, simply put one or two bags of silica gel in your bag to absorb excess moisture and keep it fresh, allowing it to last longer.


Save your wet phone

Save your wet phone

It happens that our phone falls in the wet or worse, in the water, endangering its function. Do not waste rice to dry your wet phone as it will be useful for eating. Instead of rice, use silica gel bags in a bag or box with your phone to absorb all the moisture.


Save your photos

Save your photos

If you keep your photo albums or boxes of photos in a closet, attic, or basement, you should be aware that they can be damaged due to damp and humid air. Better keep your photos in boxes or plastic bags with silica gel to protect yourself from memory loss as well as expense when trying to restore your photos.


Extend the life of your razor

save money

It is often the case that razors rust and become unusable due to moisture and therefore have to be discarded. Here too, silica gel can help – keep your razors in a plastic box with one or two bags of silica gel, which will absorb excess moisture from the razor.

Well, it’s time to stock up on silica gel bags or just buy them. Remember that these bags do not perform their function forever – once they have absorbed enough moisture, they no longer function as they should, so they need to be replaced.

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